BOSTON (CBS) — It didn’t take long for dozens of Sugar Gliders surrendered to the MSPCA to find new homes. The organization said just nine days after taking the marsupials in, “every last Sugar Glider has been adopted.”

More than 5,000 people asked about adopting the 44 Sugar Gliders. The MSPCA described the exotic animals as “great pets” for those who know how to care for small mammals.

Meagan Wood-Fernandez and Michael Homer of Brockton adopted two of the Sugar Gliders.

Adopters Meagan Wood-Fernandez and Michael Homer of Brockton took home two of the Sugar Gliders (Photo credit MSPCA-Angell)

The Sugar Gliders’ original caretaker in Hampshire County gave them up to the MSPCA when they started reproducing. It was the largest-ever Sugar Glider surrender in the organization’s history.

“Sugar Gliders are playful and curious animals who love to hang out with others of their own kind, as well as with people,” an MSPCA spokesman said.