BOSTON (CBS) — Five lawmakers on Beacon Hill are calling to shutdown all indoor non-essential businesses due to the COVID-19, but at least one restaurant owner says that move would close her business.

Among the State Reps. who sent a letter to Gov. Baker last week is Cambridge Democrat Mike Connolly. He wants to be “more proactive and more aggressive about stopping the virus now.”

“We need to do a lot more, particularly around indoor dining, casinos – whatever is not essential,” Connolly added.

Katy Thayer owns Uva Wine Bar in Plymouth. She says it is barely surviving.

“If they did another round of shutdowns, we’d just have to close our doors and say see you when this is over,” said Thayer.

“Our menu doesn’t lend itself to takeout. We have build-your-own charcuterie boards, we have desserts, we have flatbreads — they’re not bar pizzas that taste good warmed, or even cold, the next day.”

Connolly understands why restaurant owners would be reluctant but said the closures would have to come with help from the state.

“We have to pair these shutdowns with direct and quick financial relief,” he said.

But for those who own and operate small businesses, they say they’d rather stay open if only to give customers confidence.

“It’s not the restaurants that are causing the problem with the COVID spike,” said Thayer.

The letter from these state lawmakers is just a proposal. Governor Charlie Baker has yet to enforce another statewide shutdown.