By Paul Burton

NATICK (CBS) – Shoppers were racing through time and a pandemic to get their shopping done on Saturday at the Natick Mall.

With less than a week before Christmas, Natick Mall was busier than normal. Holiday shoppers were taking advantage of big sales while doing their best to social distance.

An overhead look at some of the shoppers on Saturday at the Natick Mall. (WBZ-TV)

“People have been really respectful, and I think pretty spread out,” a female shopper said. “For what it is, it’s been reasonably good.”

Some stores did have longer lines, but for the most part, shoppers are not complaining, knowing that this is the last weekend before Christmas.

A lot of them said they were trying to cash in on some last minute deals. And for some, it is just a good time to get out of the house.

“It’s my first time at the mall this year. I got these Lord and Lady comforters,” said a male shopper. “80% off. Can’t beat the deals.”

There were also plenty of kids waiting to see Santa Claus at the mall on Saturday.

“I want Claire’s gift cards,” said nine-year-old Keegan before yelling one more thing with her sister.

“Merry Christmas!”

Paul Burton