By Lisa Hughes

LUDLOW, VT (CBS) – The Saperstones knew it would be a big storm. They just didn’t know how big until the snow started falling late Wednesday night in Ludlow, Vermont.

Emily Saperstone, who grew up skiing, says she knew the storm was different. It was coming down so hard and fast—unlike anything she had ever seen.

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“Personally, I love snow… I love skiing and playing in the snow,” she said smiling.

Emily Saperstone wades out into the snow in Ludlow, VT (Image credit Pete Saperstone)

At noon on Thursday when Emily and her dad opened their door, they almost couldn’t believe it. Their Irish Golden Doodle, Quincy was equally surprised.

Like other families near Mt. Okemo, the Saperstones got almost 45 inches of snow.

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In a fun video that Emily and her dad shot for Emily’s mom (who couldn’t be in Vermont) you see Quincy run toward the snow only to turn around and run back into the house. She repeats this drill several times before she finally jumps into the snow and briefly disappears. “It was like she was swimming… but in snow.”

When Quincy ran inside to process the experience (or shake snow in the house, we’re not sure) Emily took her dad’s suggestion to wade through the snow as a way to show just how much actually fell.

“Oh my God,” you can hear Pete Saperstone say behind the cell phone camera. Emily could only laugh and marvel at the amount.

In fact, WBZ Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher confirms that officials are now investigating whether Vermont’s snowfall on Thursday was the most ever recorded in that state in a 24-hour period.

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For the winter-loving Saperstones—and even Quincy now that she’s used to it—the “snow jackpot” is a gift.

Lisa Hughes