By Rachel Holt

WILMINGTON (CBS) – A Christmas lights display is causing traffic jams, as people flock to a house on Concord Street. The Wilmington Police Department doing what they can, with Chief Joseph Desmond explaining, “We’ve heard as many as an hour to up to two hours for people waiting to see the house.” He added, “The traffic has been really congested the first three hours the family turns the lights on. Then it starts to dissipate a little bit but for those three hours it is gridlock.”

Part of the reason for the excess traffic is the home claiming the top spot on the “Great Christmas Light Fight,” a national TV show competition searching for the nation’s top lights display.

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The man behind the lights- 255,000 of them to be exact- is Charles Fiore. “I kind of just feel obligated to put this display on for people,” Fiore said. “Now that everyone especially comes out to see it, it would be a disappointment not to do it.”

Christmas light display created by Charles Fiore in Wilmington (WBZ-TV)

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The amount of time people are waiting to see this display is nothing compared to the time Fiore and his friends spent building it. He says it took three months to put this project together, and it’s not cheap, either. “This entire display, I’ve probably invested $65,000 into it,” he said.

That’s before the electric bill. But he’s been putting lights up for 16 years, with no plans of stopping. “It’s nice to see everybody coming out to see the display and having a good time,” Fiore said. “And having smiles on their faces with all of their family members. It makes you feel like you did a good thing.”

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Chief Desmond added, “As much as it can add to our work a little bit, certainly we think it’s a great thing. The family did a wonderful thing and it brings a little joy to people during a time when it’s really needed.”

Rachel Holt