BOSTON (CBS) —  When a Florida man professes his disdain for the cold weather, it really shouldn’t be a headline. But when that Florida man is Tom Brady, and he’s talking about the chilly weather in New England, it’s going to cause a ruckus on the internet.

That’s where we find ourselves Thursday afternoon, with Brady stating in no uncertain terms that he won’t be calling New England his home ever again. Signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the offseason was probably a good first sign that he was done with the Northeast, but on Thursday, he hammered it home even more.

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It’s an odd statement from Brady, because if he were caught dead then how would he be living? That part is rather confusing.

But the main point is that he won’t be moving back to the Northeast area when his playing days are over. This shouldn’t be too shocking, coming from a California native who spent two decades playing in some frigid games in the Foxboro, not to mention four years of college at Michigan. He wants to get back to living in sunshine and the 70s, not snowbanks and sheets of ice. He’s earned that much.

But Brady’s comment obviously isn’t sitting well with the fanbase that use to go to war for him at any minor slight. The comment drew some colorful responses from the completely sane folks on the Twitterverse, which you can check out here. Some comments are pretty angry, while others agree with Brady’s cold-weather take.

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Most people in New England aren’t big fans of the winter weather either, and likely complain about it at least a few times a day. But no one wants to hear Brady bragging about his new warmer setting down in Tampa. Staff