PLAISTOW, N.H. (CBS) — You’d likely recognize a Woody doll from the beloved Pixar Toy Story movies. While at a Home Depot in New Hampshire, workers came across the lost toy — but instead of tossing it aside, they set out on a mission to find its owner.

“It’s a lot like a Pixar movie in it of itself, just around the holidays, got to get Woody home for Christmas,” said Connor Ferguson.

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Ferguson works at the service desk of the Plaistow Home Depot. Last week, a co-worker came in from the parking lot with the doll in hand after it had been left on the pavement.

“Honestly kind of heartbreaking because just thinking about some kid getting home and realizing that they’ve lost their toy, that’s kind of sad,” said Ferguson.

The staffers launched a campaign on social media and by word-of-mouth to find the child who lost Woody.

Woody has been taken in by employees at a Home Depot in New Hampshire until they find his owner (Courtesy Photo)

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“We gave him a job and we’re hoping that someone comes back for him soon.”

In the meantime, Woody got a small apron, usually reserved for the employee of the month, and learned his way around the store.

“Everyone is having fun with it, he’s working in garden, in the paint section, he is a jack of all trades at this point. We haven’t discussed payment yet but we’ll get there,” Ferguson joked.

Teaching Woody has become the store’s holiday project — and they hope their story leads Woody back to his home.

“Especially after the year we’ve had, it’s nice to try to add a bit of levity and hopefully try to make some kid a little happier.”

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Ferguson told WBZ-TV there are some leads on the doll’s owner, but if that falls through they will keep looking.