By Paul Burton

WORCESTER (CBS) – It’s all hands on deck as workers were busy prepping salt, sand, and plow trucks to be ready for Saturday’s snowstorm.

“All the activity is behind the scenes, getting the equipment ready, salt barns ready, contractors signed up,” said Commissioner of Public Works Jay Fink.

Worcester DPW says they plan to have approximately 325 pieces of equipment on the roadways.

“It has the potential to be two inches an hour, and I even saw one report that said potentially three inches an hour. That’s very difficult to travel, when it’s that intense. And so, we would encourage people, only go out if they absolutely have to,” said Matthew Labozites, Assistant Commissioner for Operations.

Staff numbers are down just a bit due to COVID-19 quarantining, but all safety protocols are in place. All plows will have just one driver.

“We need to rotate people in the trucks. The trucks will be sanitized in between the change over,” said Labozites.

At The Home Depot, shoppers were buying shovels and ice melt. Leo Lodice says he’s ready for any amount of snow.

“Better be prepared,” Lodice said. “I tried to get my old snowblower ready, and it wouldn’t work, so I had to get a new one.”

Paul Burton