By Staff

ABINGTON (CBS) – The power of guilt has driven a thief to return a stolen holiday decoration in Abington.

Abington resident Scott Leines puts out more than 100 handmade wooden characters on his lawn on Lake Street each year, but over the last couple of weeks he’s noticed some of his characters were stolen.

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Holiday display outside Scott Leines’ Abington home (WBZ-TV)

First, Snoopy and Woody went missing. Then it was other figures.

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But on Thursday, Woody was returned, along with an apology note and an envelope full of cash.

The thief did say in his note that he was not responsible for the other missing characters.

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“It’s kind of frustrating,” Leines told WBZ-TV on Wednesday. “You put it out for everybody. It’s for myself, it’s for my family, but it’s for everyone who comes out and enjoys it during the holiday season and they’ve just taken it away from everybody and it isn’t fair.” Staff