BOSTON (CBS) – The WBZ Gingerbread House Competition is back – and this year it’s every man and woman for themselves in a knockout contest.

The annual competition is in its third year and our competitors had a few tricks up their sleeves.

Last year, the Morning Team took the win with their Shelby Scott snowstorm creation. In year one, Paula and Liam claimed victory with their sports-themed creation.

Since COVID has us all social distancing, there are no teams this year. It’s every anchor for themselves, building gingerbread houses at home.

Check out the David, Lisa, and Rochie’s creations in the video above, then vote for your favorite.


VOTE – Kate vs. Liam vs. Breana
VOTE – Eric vs. Zack vs. Sarah vs. Jacob
VOTE – Paula vs. Anaridis vs. Keller