By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – There were long lines for coronavirus testing across Massachusetts on Friday. Some people waited in line for several hours to get tested for a variety of reasons, including to alleviate concerns following their Thanksgiving gatherings.

Kelly Keefe spent more than two hours in line at Tufts Medical Center in Boston on Friday to get tested for COVID-19.

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“It was around the building. This was my first time getting COVID tested,” said Keefe. “Just after the holidays being around family and people gatherings, it gets a little scary.”

Tufts Medical Center and testing sites around the state were busy for most of the day.

“When I got here, it was around the corner a couple of times and way back,” said Simon Safran of Boston.

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A lot of people are getting their tests on Friday because most sites were closed Thursday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“You never know, that’s why it’s good to get tested, cause you don’t know who’s been in contact with who,” said Angel Thomas of Boston.

Doctor Brian Cruz of PhysicianOne is encouraging people to get tested right away if they have coronavirus symptoms. He isn’t surprised lines formed on Friday at testing sites, and he expects the trend to continue.

“I think if you’re concerned about being exposed to definitely get tested,” Dr. Cruz said. “I’m sure as people travel and expand their bubble, so to speak, with other people who weren’t intimately in their close household, we’ll see increased need for testing.”

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Dr. Cruz also wants to remind people to follow social-distancing guidelines and to wear masks as they continue to gather over the weekend.

Mike LaCrosse