By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s that time of year, when our thoughts turn to giving thanks with family and friends, and turkey. But let’s face it, turkey isn’t just a Thanksgiving thing. We’re surrounded by them all year long.

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So in the spirit of the season, we present our annual list of the Top National Turkeys of 2020.


Trump strategist Steve Bannon got bounced from the White House in 2017 amid uproar over his affinity for white supremacists. But this year he outdid himself, drawing fraud charges in a scheme to raise funds for a border wall and getting banned from Twitter for suggesting the beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci. This guy gives turkeys a bad name.


And how about the turkeys who ignored the warnings and rode into Sturgis, South Dakota in August for the largest public gathering of the pandemic, a super-spreader event that’s been traced to subsequent infections in multiple states. We thought the biker anthem was supposed to be “born to be wild,” not “born to spread disease.”


The turkey farm formerly known as the Iowa Caucuses featured a vote-reporting app that didn’t work and an outcome that wasn’t certain for weeks, leading some Democrats to question their leadoff status. But the New Hampshire Primary shouldn’t be smug about it. Both events proved to be way out of step with where the party was headed.


California governor Gavin Newsom got caught having a maskless, un-distanced lunch with a bunch of friends after months of warning others not to do the same. That’s a turkey move if there ever was one.


Quibi, a short-form entertainment streaming platform whose name is short for “quick bites,” quickly bit the dust. The big names behind it blamed the pandemic, but other forms of streaming prospered while Quibi’s mediocre content flopped. Guess a turkey’s a turkey, no matter how high tech its giblets.

Jon Keller