By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – A former governor, a ballot question and one of the worst teams in baseball make this year’s list of Massachusetts turkeys.


In a presidential race filled with turkey candidates, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was one of the more curious birds. He jumped in way late, pinned all his hopes on name recognition in New Hampshire, then dropped out when he didn’t draw flies there, a tragicomedy that left even his local admirers wondering – why?


At least the Patrick campaign didn’t drop $26 million on TV ads that seemed to turn off voters who saw them, like the one from opponents of the right to repair ballot question suggesting it might make women more vulnerable to stalkers. This sleazy tactic has been used before, in Kerry Healey’s 2006 run against Patrick. It didn’t work back then either.


A season of mass protest over police brutality sparked a push for reform on Beacon Hill that was so intense, they extended their session for five months to deal with it. Four months later, a closed-door committee still hasn’t even come up with a plan, let alone held a vote. If this is urgency, we don’t want to know what apathetic turkeys look like.


The Mass Pike Extension in Allston is old and rundown, but the price tag for some of the schemes to fix it are evoking bad memories of the Big Dig. Amid political gridlock over what to do, the state has acknowledged the obvious: we can’t afford to move forward with this turkey soon, or maybe ever.


If we ever needed the Red Sox to at least put an entertaining team on the field, this was the year. But in a tone-deaf effort to save money, they fielded a lifeless bunch of turkeys instead. Dropping nine out of ten to the Yankees? Get the carving knife.

Jon Keller