By Mike LaCrosse

WALTHAM (CBS) – Bars and restaurants around Massachusetts are going to be a lot quieter on this Thanksgiving Eve. “It’s like a high school reunion except everyone from grades below and above you are here. You get to see people you haven’t seen in a long time,” said Nick Carnes.

The state’s mandatory 9:30 cut off for restaurants and the Covid-19 capacity limits will mean fewer crowds than in years past.

“It’s just concerning having to close so early when a night like this is a moneymaker right through last call,” said Joey Lacava of Shoppers Cafe.

Shoppers Cafe has locations in Waltham and Manchester, New Hampshire. It is typically their biggest night of the year. To help bring in some extra money it is selling complete Thanksgiving meal packages. This is the first time they have ever had to do anything like this on Thanksgiving Eve.

“It’s definitely an avenue to get our name out there and to get our food out there to generate business,” said Lacava.

At Fit-Z’s in Watertown, they’re also preparing to take a hit and the restaurant is not even opening on Thanksgiving for its traditional pre-high school football game breakfast.

“Today and tomorrow are just, it really hurts. These days just bump us up to another level and help us pay our bills,” said Jim Zardakas of Fit-Z’s.

The bar’s owners say they’re not looking forward to turning away their loyal customers.

Even with the curfew in place State Police say they’ll have extra patrols on the roadways to look out for any drunk drivers.

Mike LaCrosse