By Tiffany Chan

WINTHROP (CBS) – With Thanksgiving just days away, the demand for a COVID test was high in the city of Winthrop on Saturday.

Drivers were waiting in line, from bumper to bumper, for more than an hour to get a free coronavirus test on Saturday.

“We were here earlier, and it was even longer,” said Winthrop resident Anne Carroll, who decided to come back later to save some time.

The line of cars stretched down Pauline Street and wrapped around Walden Street. Some people told WBZ-TV they’re getting tested before seeing family for Thanksgiving.

“I’m personally going to be traveling and staying with my immediate family, and we want to be safe,” said Roslyn Menachos of East Boston.

Others waited in line for some peace of mind.

“I was in contact with someone who tested, so I just want to be safe,” said one man.

Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be spent with family and friends, Governor Charlie Baker is urging people to avoid traveling and to celebrate with those in your immediate household.

“If we treat this year just like we treat every other Thanksgiving, it’s quite likely that it will trigger a significant spread,” Baker said earlier this week.

Still, it seems like the holidays, coupled with the rising coronavirus cases, are motivating people to get tested.

“I was at Massasoit, Brockton and there were 300 cars!” another man said.

It was a similar sight outside of the Square One Mall where hundreds of cars snaked around the parking lot for hours in Saugus.

“I think everyone needs to get tested to even see the smallest amount of family members for the holiday,” said Menachos.

The COVID-19 testing process is time consuming and certainly not pleasant, but the people WBZ-TV spoke with with said that, compared to a few months ago, they’re just glad to get a free test.

“I’m happy that they’re doing this, I am,” said Carroll.

Tiffany Chan