By Mike LaCrosse

WAKEFIELD (CBS) – The town of Wakefield is seeing an uptick in Covid-19 cases in its public schools. “I actually found out that someone in my son’s cohort has tested positive,” said Wakefield parent Tracey Bellistri.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education data shows 15 students and 3 staff members in Wakefield recently tested positive for the virus. According to the Wakefield Education Association the high school went fully remote this week because of the cases.

“The decision to close high school on Sunday night was not easy, but it was safe and responsible,” said Wakefield Education Association President Will Karvouniaris.

Covid-19 cases in schools across the state have nearly doubled in the last week, according DESE data.

Between November 12 and November 18 there were 398 positive student cases and 254 positive staff cases. Despite the increase many parents still want their kids learning in person.

“They are so happy every day when they come home to tell us what they’ve done,” said Katie Cleary.

Clearly said her two kids are benefiting from physically being in school. She’s part of the parent group “Bring Kids Back.” Since the summer the group has been advocating for districts statewide to focus on getting students back into the classroom. “They need the social element of learning. I think so much of learning is social,” said Cleary.

Mike LaCrosse

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