By Tiffany Chan

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a tradition that marks the start of the holiday season for many – Christmas tree shopping.

“It’s super full and perfectly shaped,” said Jimmy Rider, owner of EverGreen Delivery.

Rider opened up his EverGreen Tree Market in Boston’s Seaport District early this year, drawing in customers like the Lopera family – albeit, a bit early.

“We just want to get here before everyone else gets here and for the little ones,” said Juan Lopera.

Lopera family at EverGreen Tree Market in Boston’s Seaport (WBZ-TV)

After a dreadful year, the Loperas told WBZ-TV that they need the holiday cheer now more than ever.

“For us, it’s the first time picking our real tree and it’s very special to us… because we’ve been in a lockdown for a long time,” said Lopera.

But instead of picking out the perfect tree in-person like families have done for so many years, COVID-19 has some customers leaving it up to the pros.

“I would say my deliveries went up by 10-20%,” said Rider, “but it’s still early.”

EverGreen Tree Market in Boston’s Seaport (WBZ-TV)

A walk through his Tree Market and you’ll see the COVID-19 guidelines in place: employees are wearing gloves, hand sanitizer and signs telling people to social distance.

Rider said the restrictions might actually help people pick out the perfect tree.

“You can get a good perspective on how straight the tree is by having the customer stand six feet apart at a few different angles,” he said.

But if anything, Rider hopes it’ll spread a bit of joy during what’s been a difficult year.

“People are really anxious and excited about Christmas,” Rider told WBZ-TV. “They want something to celebrate in these times.”

Tiffany Chan