BOSTON (CBS) – With winter just around the corner, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced Friday that the city has set aside $20 million to get ready for the snow season during the pandemic.

With COVID-19 cases still surging, the mayor said the Public Works Department has new guidelines, including allowing employees and contractors to start their shifts in the field instead of gathering in one place first.

“It’s not just about making sure that we clear the streets, but it’s also about making sure that we keep our workers safe,” Walsh said at a news conference at the public works yard.

“We have the ability to put up to 600 pieces of equipment out on the street, depending on what the weather forecast is coming or whatever the reality of the situation is.”

Walsh wants residents and businesses to do their part by shoveling out hydrants, clearing sidewalks and helping neighbors.

“We want you to understand that when snow does come, the sidewalk and front of your property is your responsibility to shovel and de-ice,” Walsh said. “We’re asking people to stay in contact with neighbors that might be elderly, or neighbors that might be disabled. We’re asking you, if you can help shovel out a path in front of their house, don’t let them do it. Help them by shoveling in front of their house.”


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