BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton’s been holding footballs in his hands for quite some time. And when you spend that much time with the tool of your trade, you’re bound to pick up some special skills.

Like, say, dribbling a football, for instance.

The quarterback took the field for early warmups on Sunday night to get loose before the Patriots-Ravens game at Gillette Stadium. And while strolling up the middle of the field, Newton held the football tight in his right hand, lifted up his left leg, and dribbled the ball like a basketball through his legs, lunging forward to complete the dribble.

That one wasn’t perfect though, so Newton tried again, this time bouncing under his right leg. It was money.

Then for his final trick, he went behind the back.

Fortunately it was captured on video so the whole world could see. Check it out:

Such majesty has been captured on video before, and he even once did it in a commercial. But the behind-the-back move might be a new one.

Those basketball moves, combined with his always-on-point pregame wardrobe attire?

It means it could be a big night for the quarterback of the Patriots. They’re going to need it, too.


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