BOSTON (CBS) — New York, Washington, and Washington D.C. were removed from the Massachusetts travel order exempt list Saturday. Travelers and returning residents coming from those locations will have to quarantine or provide a negative COVID test upon their arrival to Massachusetts.

There are now only four states on the lower-risk list: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Hawaii. Lower risk states have an average of daily cases per 100,000 below 10 and a positive test rate below 5%, both on a seven-day rolling average.

When visiting or returning to Massachusetts from any other state, you will be asked to fill out a Travel Form, and either quarantine for 14 days or provide a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of arrival.

Failure to comply could result in a $500 fine.

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  1. Locutus says:

    LOL. I will not comply. I dare them to come get me

  2. Truth Squad says:

    Constitutional violations. Interstate commerce cannot be blocked. Again, Hawaii is on the list as a “lower risk”, but there are no direct flights from Massachusetts. There is some fat woman making these observations wishing. Ignore everything the MA government is throwing, stop the tests, live your lives. “Oooooh, what if you get sick?” Who cares, you get better like all other colds. “Oooooh, but you might have it and not know?” Political Control. The perfect virus for politics. If I have it, it goes through my butt-hole, and I am all better.

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