FALL RIVER (CBS) — The city of Fall River is offering free outdoor heaters to restaurants to help extend their outdoor dining season during the coronavirus pandemic. Around 30 heaters are now available after their arrival was pushed back by national shortages, the city said.

Restaurants across the state are looking to keep outdoor dining open as long as possible to make patrons more comfortable, but outdoor heaters have been hard to come by.

Fall River’s purchase of the heaters was funded by the Massachusetts Shared Street and Spaces Grant Program.

Heaters will be obtained to rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. Restaurants interested should call the Director of Facilities Maintenance Chris Gallagher at 508-922-6715 or 508-324-2226.

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  1. Remember when says:

    So much for slowing Global warming. Not debating its existence, just find it interesting that we need to heat the outdoors.

  2. Truth Squad says:

    Why not ALL RESTAURANTS defy these unconstitutional riles, have 100% capacity INDOORS, and ignore the governor—all at once. Sooner of later, there will be no one to infect, but Charlie Baker will still say there are 20K cases (when they surpassed the population—-much like Facebook’s number of users is more than the global population). ALL A LIE. Can’t believe there are all these cowards in Massachusetts. George Washington had more diseases than you can blink at and created our country.

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