BOSTON (CBS) — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported 2,841 new confirmed COVID cases and 27 additional deaths in the state on Saturday.

Saturday marks the fifth consecutive day in which there were more than 2,000 newly reported coronavirus cases in the state.

The seven-day weighted average of positive tests in Massachusetts is 3.07%, marking the second consecutive day the weighted average is above 3.0%. The last time this occurred was in June.

Health officials said the total number of confirmed cases in the state is now 180,468 while the total number of deaths is 10,065.

There are an estimated 29,082 active cases.

As of Saturday, there are 705 people currently hospitalized for a coronavirus-related illness, an increase of 18 from Friday. There are 151 patients currently in intensive care.

There were 111,066 total new tests reported Saturday.

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  1. Truth Squad says:

    I do not believe the number of tests conducted are true and this number of cases are being propped up. When I drive by these claimed “test sites” there is no one there. These numbers are a complete LIE. And Covid-19 is just the common cold, there is no reason AT ALL to continue these Communist lock-downs in America with the MA SJC looking for case law to support this fake governor; to the contrary, we have Federal rulings overturning governors unconstitutional mandates in other states. Empty sites, but WBZ uses stock footage from April showing lines. Empty sites, but there is an announcement of 20K tests. ALL A LIE

  2. Truth Squad says:

    Empty test sites, but 111,066 tests announced (of what a number 3 ones, 2 sixes, created by another low educated dog thinking they are cute). Number of tests were more like 111, number of cases more like 28, if any, FOR THE DAY

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