NANTUCKET (CBS) – One person was seriously injured in an explosion on Nantucket Thursday afternoon.

Like many other people on the island, Jay Starr felt the impact of the huge explosion that leveled one home and badly damaged others. “I felt it from three miles away,” Starr said. “The whole island pretty much felt it.”

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The fire and explosion happened on Woodbury Lane. One of the houses was destroyed, debris scattered everywhere.

Fire officials say one man who they believe was in the home was discovered outside, with what authorities describe as possible serious injuries. A neighbor was also hurt.

Starr says he found devastation when he got to the scene. “I Looked over, saw the flames, the whole house was just gone. Big tree was on fire even though it was raining, it was just sizzling, crackling, and then I knew more than likely what it was,” Starr said.

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Several houses were damaged after a fire and explosion on Nantucket. (WBZ-TV)

“The main house is gone. The roof was sitting on the ground. The dormers on the roof on the second floor sitting on the ground. It’s just obliterated.”

The smoke could also be seen from miles away, and many felt the ground shake. “My son called me and said, do you know what that boom was?” said Starr. “A picture fell off the wall, a couple of other people called and were asking do you have any idea what that was?”

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The State Fire Marshal’s Office and State Police will now look into exactly what happened. They’re expected on the island by Friday.