HOLYOKE (CBS) – There is a special Veterans Day tribute online to the veterans who died in a coronavirus outbreak at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home earlier this year.

A coalition of families has created a slideshow to honor the 76 veterans who died at the facility in an 11-week period.

So far, the production features photos and stories of 32 veterans who died from the coronavirus, five veterans who died from other causes and a current resident of the home.

“Our Coalition hopes the public takes the time this Veterans Day to remember all of these veterans – all were sons and daughters of our Commonwealth who left home at an early age to serve our great nation. For those who have died during this pandemic, we ask that you think not only of their passing but also remember the glory of their spirit,” the Holyoke Soldiers Home Coalition said in a statement.

Relatives of any veteran who died from COVID-19 at the home can contact the coalition at holyokesoldiershomecoalition@gmail.com.


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