By Paul Burton

NASHUA, NH (CBS) – Rhett Medling is trying to make the most out of his remote learning experience, but the Nashua South junior says it’s really hard to stay focused sitting in front of his computer all day. “It’s been pretty tough,” Medling said. “It’s hard to make a connection with the teachers and ask questions.”

Nashua Public Schools were supposed to go hybrid back in October, but the Board of Education delayed the decision. It was just three weeks ago, school officials allowed only Pre-K through 12 students with IEPs to go hybrid along with kindergarten and first graders.

Now that is all about to change again. With the fear of COVID-19 cases rising during the holiday season, the board made the decision Monday night that every student will go fully remote after Thanksgiving and Christmas for at least two weeks.

“This is out of abundance of caution. We don’t know how people are going to plan their Thanksgiving holiday and this will probably be the same for Christmas. We don’t know if families are going to have people other people over, if they going to travel,” Board of Education President Heather Raymond said.

Rhett’s parents Amy and Cliff are part of a group called Nashua Parent Voice. They are advocating for parents who choose to go remote are given that opportunity. “Our daughter when she is on the computer for too long for school it’s difficult for her. We’ve seen emotional things we haven’t seen in her and we hearing that from hundreds and hundreds of parents,” Cliff said.

School officials say they must put safety first. “We have to put public health first, but we also can’t ignore, or fail to service academics and academic excellence, so we are still working out how to make that happen,” Raymond said.

Paul Burton


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