By Cheryl Fiandaca

MEDFIELD (CBS) – Back in March, Wade Gotcher of Medfield got an offer in the mail to transfer his credit card balance to a no-interest card. With the uncertainty of the pandemic looming, he decided to go for it. “I just thought I would hang onto the cash because who knew what was going to happen,” he said.

He transferred his $15,000 balance from Citibank to the JetBlue card operated by Barclays bank. But Citibank told Wade they never got the payoff from Barclays. Wade ended up owing the $15,000 to both credit cards.

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Wade said he started calling the credit card companies back in April, trying to figure out what went wrong, telling the same story over and over again. “Back and forth with both credit card companies and they said, ‘no we can’t help you,’” Wade said describing dozens of frustrating phone calls.

After six months of getting nowhere, Wade’s wife had an idea. “Just call WBZ. They have an action help line. Someone will listen,” Wade said recalling his wife’s advice.

That’s when we reached out to Barclays and a spokesperson promised to look into it. “You made a couple of calls and they were lickety split, calling me back to say they were going to solve it immediately,” Wade recalled.

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And they did. Barclays removed the extra $15,000 debt and cut Wade a check for $817 to cover his payments and fees.

“If it were not for you, I’d still be on the phone,” he said. “It was like magic when you called.”

In a statement a Barclays spokesperson said:

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“We always strive to provide our cardmembers with great products and experiences; however, some circumstances take longer to address than we’d like. Thankfully, we have resolved this issue to our cardmember’s satisfaction and we’ve apologized for the inconvenience this caused. We look forward to providing a better experience moving forward.”

Cheryl Fiandaca