BOSTON (CBS) – Fresh off her reelection win, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is calling on Governor Charlie Baker to release more prison inmates at high risk of Covid-19.

In the past month, more than 300 inmates and staff at Massachusetts prisons and jails have tested positive for the virus. Pressley said it’s a public health threat.

“With the stroke of a pen, Governor Baker can release incarcerated individuals across our commonwealth who pose no risk to their communities, but are at great risk themselves of contracting and suffering from Covid-19,” Pressley said.

Pressley said Massachusetts should follow the lead of New Jersey and California, where 10,000 inmates were released in the past few weeks.

Baker said the state has paroled hundreds of inmates since the pandemic began and prisons are doing a great job keeping the facilities clean and testing inmates.

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  1. JimStark says:

    Pressley is as dumb as a box of rocks. Great idea, we will release criminals because they might get covid. Too bad, they put themselves there. How many of those release were a high risk fo more crime?

  2. Maura Kelley says:

    Release prisoners at risk of Covid so they can spread it to the communities they will live in? Why not keep them in jail and address the infection there?

  3. Art Longwell says:

    They need more rioters

  4. NFR says:

    Who voted for this dude ?

  5. Ryan says:

    “individuals… who pose no risk to their communities”, as in, they’re in for non-violent crimes.

    They are *not* releasing individuals that already have COVID. Prinsons are not “doing a gret job”. It’s a problem across the country.

    @Art Longwell
    It’s unhealthy to assume that prisoners are unable to positively contribute to society once reintegrated.

    Unhelpful. This contributes nothing to the conversation.

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