By Paula Ebben

CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) – One New Hampshire family is reveling in the special relationship newly named president-elect Joe Biden has with their teenage son.

Brayden Harrington first met Biden at a campaign rally in Concord. The two share a special bond — they both stutter.

“I see him as a role model,” said Brayden. “He stutters and he made it this far in life as a president-elect, and that’s really, I would say, brave of him to put himself out there for the whole country and to be a leader. And that’s just really great of him, to just push himself.”

Brayden Harrington meeting Joe Biden at a New Hampshire campaign event. (Family Photo)

Brayden’s parents say they’re just thrilled their son’s voice was heard at such an important time in America.

“It’s very emotional. We’re very proud of him,” said Jessica Harrington. “I think what we’ve been given has been a gift and a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I’m especially grateful because we actually got to see firsthand what our soon to be president of the United States is like as a normal human being. And he had a huge impact on our family.”

In August, Brayden spoke at the Democratic National Convention and later lent his voice to a campaign ad.

“Brayden has more confidence and there’s less stress with what’s going on for him right now,” said his father, Owen Harrington.

Bradyen Harrington and his parents (WBZ-TV)

So does Brayden want to follow in Biden’s footsteps?

“I don’t know. I have days where I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to be president.’ I have days where I’m like ‘No,’” said Brayden.

President-elect Biden works with about two dozen young people who stutter and gives them tips about things that helped him when he was a kid.

Paula Ebben

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  1. JimStark says:

    This kids parents should be charged with child abuse, for exposing him to a creep like slow joe.

  2. LOL kid must see how well joe is at making money off suckers

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