By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – There were many winners and losers on Election Day. But one politician who had a successful election wasn’t even on the ballot.

WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller and Boston Globe reporter James Pindell discussed the results, and agreed that it was a good night for Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, even if he wasn’t running this year.

Baker endorsed Maine Sen. Susan Collins, who was victorious in her race, and also opposed Massachusetts’ ballot question that would have brought ranked choice voting to the state. Question 2 was defeated by voters.

In addition, Pindell and Keller speculated that Joe Biden in the White House could also mean more federal funding for the state.

“Yes, Charlie Baker had a very good election,” said Pindell.

But when Pindell asked if the good night could get even better with a potential spot in a Biden cabinet, Keller wasn’t willing to go that far.

“No way. Not buying that,” said Keller.

Overall, Pindell said Election 2020 proved just how divided the country is politically.

“American politics is an absolute mess right now,” he said. “Progressives had a really bad night. Establishment Democrats had a really bad night. Trump may have had a really bad night for him, better than expected, but if you lose you lose. And establishment Republicans, depending on where you’re looking and what race you’re looking at, had a really bad night. So we have factions in all these parties, and it’s just a mess.”

You can watch part one of the interview in the video above.

You can watch the second part here.

Jon Keller


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