By Paul Burton

FITCHBURG (CBS) – Teresa Ashby fights back tears talking about it.

Her husband Clint Nixon is in the hospital with COVID-19. She says he contracted the virus after attending Crossroads Community Church in Fitchburg last month.

“I’m very scared,” Ashby said. “Before the last service that he went to, the church held two weeks of revival services, completely packed, no masks.”

Right now, the church is shut down. Last Sunday, The Fitchburg Health Department announced that nearly 150 coronavirus cases have been connected to services and programs at the church on or around Oct. 18.

A recent video of one of the church services that was posted on their Facebook page shows many people are not wearing any masks or social distancing. Nixon was not at this particular service, but the city says many cases of COVID-19 have been linked to this church.

“They never notified members that there was actually a case in the church,” said Ashby.

Teresa told WBZ-TV that her husband is slowly showing signs of recovery from COVID-19, but she says the entire ordeal has been a nightmare to her family. She says she wishes the church did more to warn parishioners, or at least lend a helping hand.

“Too much hurt,” said Ashby. “We’ve gotten no phone calls from the pastor. Nothing.”

WBZ-TV reached out to the church for comment, but they did not respond.

Paul Burton


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