By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – People who live and work in Boston are getting used to its ominous new look. There’s plywood over windows, and police with batons guarding business districts.

“I feel like the city knows that there’s something that’s going to come up,” said Marouan Attioui, as he ate lunch in Government Center. With no president-elect yet, the election-day tension has turned into election-week tension.

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“This is something that I know is going to cause a lot of emotion no matter who wins, said Kyndra Ricketts. She admitted to obsessively checking for the latest election numbers on her phone. “Honestly I’m clicking refresh on my phone every hour, on the hour.”

Buildings boarded up in Downtown Crossing after election (WBZ-TV)

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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he’s feeling it too. “I want it called today, obviously. I want to see fireworks in Wilmington, Delaware,” he said at a Thursday news conference. “We just have to be patient watching the results.”

“Every vote matters,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “It’s a big country with a lot of points of view, and we all have chances to grow and be better by incorporating those into how we make decisions,” he said.

Boston Police outside Downtown Crossing businesses (WBZ-TV)

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It’s the sort of optimism that’s hard to come by in a city that’s boarded up. “Election results shouldn’t be litigated,” said Edward Rzeppa, as he stopped to take a picture of a boarded up Staples Store. “I believe we’re on the precipice of a constitutional crisis. I believe our founders shed blood to put protections in place so this wouldn’t happen.”

Christina Hager