By Tiffany Chan

BOSTON (CBS) – More than 24 hours have passed since the polls closed and states are still tallying up the votes. The uncertainty of this election is weighing on many voters.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of anxiety. I think most people would agree,” said Lucy Kurtz.

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The Kurtz family mirrors many people across the country who are nervously watching and refreshing their social media feeds – waiting to see who our next president will be.

“Twitter is one place, but it’s probably the least friendly place to get election updates and also sometimes the most misleading,” said Kurtz.

Lucy Kurtz (WBZ-TV)

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We found them at Emmets in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood chatting away about the ballot count and the lawsuits that will follow.

“The gray area never helps either side. It fills you with angst,” said Lucy’s father, John Kurtz.

Every election is nerve-wracking, but it’s the uncertainty of this one that’s caused the most stress for Lucy.

“Nothing seems very clear cut, which I guess lack of understanding breeds anxiety. Lack of clarity,” she said. “At this point, not knowing when everything is going to be 100% projected is a little concerning.”

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Her father told WBZ-TV that all there’s left to do is wait it out as tough as that can be. “I feel like I did my part. I voted, I’m going to let the process, as imperfect as it is, work its course.”

Tiffany Chan