BOSTON (CBS) – Members of the Massachusetts National Guard are staging in Boston as a precaution ahead of planned post-election demonstrations in the city.

Earlier this week, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker activated 1,000 members of the National Guard in the event there were any large gatherings surrounding Election Day.

National Guard members could be seen in the city Wednesday afternoon not far from a planned Count Every Vote rally on Boston Common.

National Guard members on standby near Boston Common. (WBZ-TV)

Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh both urged any possible demonstrators to act peacefully in Boston and the rest of the state.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross and Walsh both said they have no reason to believe there will be violence in the city, but they are prepared for all scenarios.

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    1. Stephen DeVoy says:

      Prove it! There is zero evidence of rigging.

  1. Stephen DeVoy says:

    So unnecessary… Boston has centuries of experience protesting.

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