By Paul Burton

UXBRIDGE (CBS) — If you happen to drive by North Main Street in Uxbridge you bound to stumble upon Bruce Archambault. With his single Anti-Trump sign, he takes a seat and peacefully waves at the cars that drive by, who either love him or despise him.

“I would say 2/3 positive and probably 30% reaction but as the days go on you get more and more reaction,” Archambault told WBZ-TV.

It’s safe to say the 70-year-old is not a Donald Trump fan. He has been out with his sign persistently seven days a week, seven hours a day making it known.

“I don’t think Donald Trump has a moral compass whatsoever,” he said.

His passion to see President Trump lose in 2020 brings him to tears. “I cry here almost every day down here. I’m about ready to cry here. It’s a passion and we have to make it happen,” Archambault said.

Bruce Archambault campaigns against President Donald Trump in Uxbridge (WBZ-TV)

Right across the street are Trump supporters. This will 18-year-old Bobby Osimo’s first time voting. “I think his accomplishments with a booming economy, with his foreign policies, historic peace deals with North Korea. I think we can see four great years honestly,” Osimo said.

Archambault said he’s been out here for 47 days and he plans to be out here for 50 — 51 if Joe Biden wins so he can display a thank you sign.

For the most part, he says drivers have been friendly but there are some Trump supporters who have frightened him. “I am threatened a lot, I’m bullied a lot. Things have been thrown at me, I’ve been spit at,” he said.

On Sunday, things were peaceful but loud with a little local town rivalry respectfully on display.

“I respect that man there. He’s been out there every day, cold, hot, rain, snow, whatever and he’s been fighting for what he believes in. I believe every American should preserve that right always,” Osimo said.

Archambault’s biggest concern is not the protestors but the man they protesting for: “I’m really scared for this country, what happens if he wins, I’m scared if he loses. I’ve seen a lot of these people that go by that are going to be very angry if he loses.”

Paul Burton

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  1. Burt Earnie says:

    Paul Burton,

    You can stick your anti-Trump foolish story up your left brother’s nostril. Your brother gave you a job at WBZ, you never worked for the position like the rest of us—instead you got special treatment. Let me guess, you are a Democrat with a left-winged, story that has nothing to do with anything but to stoke division. No one cares about someone holding up an anti-Trump sign. Trump is getting re-elected, and you Paul, will end up working at some cheap station in Burlington, VT. Not a peep from you that Trump supporters can’t put up signs without damage to their property—-something we worked for, you did not.

  2. Burt Earnie says:

    See comment above.

    1. PAMELA J Lambert GARRON says:

      Burt Earnie: Biden won. Go back to your hovel and don’t show your head again in this world.

  3. PAMELA J Lambert GARRON says:

    Great article Paul Burton. I just want to let you know how to pronounce “Archambault.” New England is prominently French. Those French speakers coming to New England from Canada and earlier, from France. “Archambault” is pronounced “arh” like a pirate’s sound, “sharm,” “bow.” Therefore arhshambow = Archambault.

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