CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) — New Hampshire restaurants will require names and phone numbers from customers starting Saturday. This will help the state conduct contact tracing better if a coronavirus case is announced.

In recent days, numerous New Hampshire restaurants have dealt with a positive COVID-19 case among workers or customers.

The state has had to announce the restaurants and ask patrons who were there on certain days to get tested.

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  1. Greg says:

    Not happening – not giving out my name and number to anyone. They’ll be some report of data breach bla bla and everyone’s info will be out there… Another brilliant idea of government.

  2. Enough says:

    Enough is enough! I’m sad for a world where the people we have elected to be our voice have locked us in our homes, dictated how we participate in society, participate in perpetuating a culture of fear over fact and common sense and revel in it. Those who daily shout out the total number of cases as if they are current active numbers, ignore solid and proven medical evidence to follow the advice of uninformed and scientifically inept, biased agencies and make us pay with our choices and freedoms. Wake up and do better because you, those who govern in any state as well as nationally are not going to be remembered for making the best decisions for those you SERVE. You will be remembered as those who joined in the corruption and fear mongering to make US believe that not only can’t we trust our bodies or minds, that we are not safe to interact with each other, that any place we ever felt safe before will never be safe again. That we won’t be able to keep our loved ones safe, make our own health decisions or live in any way that allows us to feel healthy again all while completely dismissing solid evidence that all your measures are more harmful than good. Last but not least and possibly the one truth in all of this – that we will never be able to trust our elected officials again. Bravo!!! Since I don’t have my elected officials as my voice I will use the money i spend as my voice. I will no longer be a patron of any business that participates in the invasion of my privacy by contact tracing or enforces any mandates as if they are law. I won’t ask others to do the same because you each have to act out of your own beliefs and values. If none of this is enough to make you rethink what you know or believe I would like to know what it takes for you to reach your “ENOUGH” moment and hopefully it happens before we can’t even recognize our home the United States of America.

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