By Tiffany Chan

TYNGSBORO, MA (CBS) – As the temperatures drop, down come the tents that have helped restaurants reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.

The guys at Big Top Party Rental, who provide the coverings, have seen a boost in business.

“At one point we probably had about 20-30 restaurants up and today we’ve taken down four,” said employee Brendan McDonough.

For the folks at Cazadores Mexican Restaurant in Tyngsboro, losing their tent due to rain and snow brings a flurry of anxiety.

“It is concerning. The tents definitely helped us keep our heads above water, but with all of this going indoors – it’s definitely concerning,” said owner Heidy Santiago.


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It’s much of the same along Moody Street in Waltham. The tents remain, but the tables are empty on this rainy Wednesday night.

“When it pours there’s nothing you can do about that,” said David Groves, manager of Brewer’s Tap and Table.

Groves said many patrons are still nervous to dine indoors. As it gets colder outside, it means spending even more money to stay open.

“We are currently putting up heating elements outside. We’re hoping that does it,” said Groves. “If we have to, we’ll go further and enclose if the town will let us.”

Cazadores owner, Santiago, is nervous as well.

“Winter’s coming and it is concerning as to what will happen.”

Tiffany Chan


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