By Rachel Holt

HINGHAM (CBS) – Back in April, Alex Zane came up with the idea of recreating iconic movie scenes with his 5-year-old daughter, Matilda. He started sharing the photos on the Instagram account tot_for_tot_remakes.

“In the beginning, this was just a silly project to pass the time when we were all stuck in lockdown so it’s mind-blowing that people that we didn’t know, strangers, were liking the photos. It was exciting and cool,” Zane said.

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The account now has over 15,000 followers, many of whom are happy for the light-hearted distraction.

Five-year-old Matilda, of Hingham, recreates a scene from “The Karate Kid.” (Photo credit: tot_for_tot_remakes)

“And then we get comments saying like, ‘You’ve made our day, you helped pass the time,’ so it’s really cool that a project that we just did to pass the time seems to make so many people happy,” Zane said.

Matilda and her dad take the photos in their living room in Hingham and then work with a photographer to edit the images.

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“We pick a scene, and then we have no budget; we have no experience; we have limited props, so once we figure out what we have that can actually make the scene work in the house, we set that up in the living room because of the white wall and then Matilda looks at the photograph, she takes it in,” said Zane.

Zane works as a prosecutor during the day, and with Matilda balancing going to school and being a star, they do the best they can.

“We look for scenes that people will recognize, but we try to keep it simple as well, so we can pull it off with our limited budget, talent experience,” Zane said.

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Matilda tells WBZ-TV her favorite photo is the first one they did, a re-creation of a scene in “Teen Wolf.” In the months they’ve started doing this, the duo has mimicked more than 70 different movie scenes, with more ideas in the works.

Rachel Holt