BOSTON (CBS) — Two people were arrested Tuesday evening after shots rang out in Boston’s Back Bay, police confirmed. There was an active crime scene around 4 p.m. on Fairfield Street between Newbury and Boylston.

Multiple cars were hit but nobody was hurt.

Mia Webster car was damaged. “The time that it happened was actually the time that I was leaving, was supposed to leave and I didn’t leave because I was taking care of a client so I ended up having to stay a little bit later,” she said. “Divine intervention.”

A black Volkswagen appeared to have a bullet hole through the front window and investigators were also focused on a silver sedan parked directly across the street.

Across the street, a conference room full of coworkers watched as a car drove away from the scene after shots were fired.

“It kind of looked like a movie scene and it sounded like that, but I’ve never heard shots fired before,” one woman told WBZ-TV. “It was pretty scary, I think we were all a little bit shaken in our meeting.

Several people who were walking on Newbury Street or inside businesses at the time heard the shots and ran.

Connie Hughes was in a nail salon at the time. “She had us go in the bathroom, turn down the lights and lock the doors,” said Connie Hughes.

Salon owner Jennifer Nguyen said “I had a couple people run inside my salon and they said, ‘shooting on the corner.'”

Police recovered a gun and interviewed multiple witnesses.

  1. Just Say'n says:

    Newbury Street is so ghetto now. I can’t believe anyone would live or shop in the backbay now, with shootings, rapes, and looting.

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