METHUEN (CBS) —  It’s a mattress mystery in Methuen. Organizers with the Clean River Project are looking for the person who’s been tossing mattresses on the side of the road near the Merrimack River.

They say more than 30 mattresses have been dumped off Route 110 in the last two weeks. They’re hoping someone will snap a photo of the vehicle and license plate of the person responsible.

The nonprofit is offering a reward of up to $1,200 for information about who the “Mattress Bandit” may be.

“If someone knows who it is, we’d like to turn them over to State Police and have them prosecuted,” said Rocky Morrison of Clean River Project.

One of dozens of mattresses left along Route 110 near the Merrimack River. (WBZ-TV)

Clean River Project is a nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental control with the mission of keeping the Merrimack River clean. Much of the trash ends up falling into the river.

“It’s pretty frustrating seeing that we clean the river all the time, and someone is coming and dumping this down the guardrail. Eventually it’ll end up in the river,” said Morrison.

Morrison said someone is likely dumping the debris at night when no one is on the normally busy road.

“It makes me upset because someone is making money off this. They’re getting paid to haul these mattresses away and all this trash, and they keep dumping it. So they’re pocketing that money and they’re walking away.”


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