By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan says COVID-19 has ravaged the city.

“This is real please listen to the data, the metrics, statistics, let’s do that right thing – come together,” Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan.

It’s now taking a step back to slow the spread.

Brockton is one of 13 communities going from step two of Phase 3 back to step one of Phase 3 of the reopening process.

The cities and towns have all been labeled as high risk by the state for three weeks straight.

“Outdoor parities, gatherings, now is not the time to do that,” said Sullivan.

The change means some businesses like indoor performance venues have to close.

Libraries, museums and gyms are among the places that must reduce capacity from 50% to 40%.

CJ Murphy owns Total Performance Sports in Malden, another community still in the red zone.

“The way it has effected us revenue wise is terrible,” said Murphy.

He said the business chose to keep capacity well below the allowed limit to help their customers feel comfortable about returning.

“There is a level of people that feel there is no concern and there is a level of people that have a high concern but a willing to come back so in order to strike the balance between those two people we kept it at the lower operational capacity,” said Murphy.

Residents of communities stuck in the red are hoping their neighbors step up to stop the spread.

“Think about what’s most important to reopen for you and do your part to make sure that can reopen,” said Timothy Fleck of Woburn.

Mike LaCrosse


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