BOSTON (CBS) — Two Brown University professors created an app to establish what activities are safe during the coronavirus pandemic. The app is called “My COVID Risk.”

Simply enter your location, where you are going, how many people will be going and if they will be wearing masks. The app then calculates your risk of getting COVID-19 from low to high.

It also gives you tips on how to lower your risk.

Dr. Liz Goldberg told WBZ-TV she came up with the idea with her colleague after receiving so many questions about what was safe or not.

“People really want to see visuals. What is my risk while going to this particular event, you can make it personal, and then what do I do reduce that risk,” Goldberg said. “Many of us are concerned about the colder weather, the holidays, people wanting to be indoors. I know that your risk of contracting the virus is higher indoors than outdoors so part of the motivation of this app was to show you that difference in risk when you’re indoors versus outdoors and how to plan safe events.”


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