By Nick Emmons, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – We all remember the long lines and limited toilet paper back in the Spring. Now shoppers are preparing for the added stress all over again as health experts predict a second wave of coronavirus cases.

According to an August survey by C+R Research of more than 2,000 consumers, 87% fear another surge will lead to grocery shortages, and 67% say they have been stocking up on supplies.

“I feel like I have some level of denial, like, this can’t possibly happen again,” says Allston shopper Mary Ward, “but it does make me anxious and think I need to start planning.”

Ward says there is too much uncertainty about what the next few weeks and months will look like. “With the winter, and flu season, it feels like there might be a lot on the horizon.”

Grocery shopping in the spring was a headache for Waltham shopper Mary Jo Samojla. She had a tough time finding certain staples, so she’s been gearing up for shortages. “We wanted to be sure that if there’s another big spike, like there was in July and there was in the spring, that we were ahead of the people buying all the canned goods and toilet paper.”

Even with all the added safety measures put into place by grocery stores, many shoppers still feel uneasy about going inside, so they’ve changed their shopping habits completely. “I have different times I want to go shopping,” said Waltham shopper Sean Duong, “or I’ve actually chose the option to get it delivered.”

According to the same group behind the survey, 77% of consumers believe grocery shopping will change permanently post-pandemic.

Duong says home delivery is, “just more convenient, because then I don’t have to expose myself to everyone else.”

As far as the possibility of a second wave, Duong is more optimistic grocery stores are ready. “I think the fact that we’ve already been through one wave, we’ll be way more prepared for the next one,” Duong said.

  1. David Lyon says:

    The Media again working to implement a strategy! Forecast it and people will start to panic and buy!

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