BOSTON (CBS) — In the wake of Stephon Gilmore testing positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago, some varying reports came out about a potential meal shared with Cam Newton, just prior to the quarterback’s positive test. ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the two were “spotted” eating dinner together on the Friday night before the Chiefs game, while Gilmore’s wife later tweeted that “there was no dinner out” in an effort to prevent the spread of “false news.”

While the issue may already be a matter of the past, Gilmore was asked directly on Wednesday whether or not the reported dinner happened. Unsurprisingly, Gilmore gave no real answer.

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“I don’t want to get into that. Just, you know, it’s done. It’s over with,” Gilmore said when asked about the reported dinner by 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones. “We passed it, so I’m just looking forward to playing against San Francisco.”

Gilmore was asked a follow-up question about why people are interested to know about whether the dinner did or did not happen, just from a contact tracing standpoint for the team that had COVID-19 sweep through the locker room.

“Yeah, it just doesn’t matter right now,” Gilmore said. “We’ve passed it. Team’s looking forward to this week. So whatever happened to us personally, it is what it is. We passed it and we’re over it.”

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Gilmore did say during his weekly radio interview that he never suffered one symptom from COVID-19, despite testing positive.

“Yeah I was asymptomatic. I didn’t feel nothing. I just felt like my normal self,” Gilmore said. “That’s the weird thing about it is you can be positive and pass it to someone else, and you don’t feel nothing. So that’s why you have to be careful, protect other people.”

Gilmore tested positive after the Patriots’ Week 4 loss in Kansas City, but the rescheduling of Week 5’s game vs. Denver to Week 6 allowed him to not miss any game action. He ended up on the field for all 64 of the Patriots’ defensive snaps in the loss.

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“I’m feeling good. I’m feeling normal. I don’t feel nothing, just excited for the week, and get to practice and stuff. So I’m excited for the week we’ve got coming up,” Gilmore said. “I was shocked because I didn’t feel nothing. So that’s the thing that you have to deal with. But I was shocked. Luckily I didn’t miss a game and I was able to play and not miss a game. So I’m over it now. I’m just looking forward to the future.”