BOSTON (CBS) – Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had help from a familiar face during a virtual rally ahead of the upcoming election.

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens was a guest during Buttigieg’s Voting Season Rally Tuesday night. Stevens and Buttigieg have regularly been compared not for their political beliefs, but instead because they look strikingly similar.

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“Politics is not my specialty by any means,” Stevens said during the event. “I’m excited to join Pete. The thing we have most in common is we’ve both been told on several occasions that we look alike for the last, how many years?”

Pete Buttigieg and Brad Stevens. (Photos by Ethan Miller and Robb Carr/Getty Images)

The pair crossed paths in the past when Stevens was the coach of Butler University and Buttigieg was the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

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“My first introduction to Pete was when he was elected Mayor of South Bend. One of my friends had a chance to meet with him — I was still the head coach at Butler University in Indianapolis,” Stevens recalled. “My friend came back to Indianapolis and said, ‘Oh my gosh, I met this guy and he looks exactly like you. And you guys have so many of the same mannerisms. The only difference is he is a lot smarter than you are.’”

Buttigieg joked that the comparisons between the two only go so far.

“I’m honored to be here and people have flattered me by comparing me to you from time to time. I’m kind of glad this is a virtual event, because I suspect that if we were side by side, the resemblance breaks down when it comes to height, let alone if it came to skill if I had to attempt to shoot a basketball,” he said.

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The former South Bend mayor said he invited Stevens to the virtual rally because “we both share a passion that everyone gets a shot in American life, that there is justice, and there is a chance for everyone to thrive. And so much of that comes down to leadership.”