By Juli McDonald

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – Students, teachers, and parents all over can agree: remote learning comes with some challenges.

“It’s harder though. You’d think a half day would be easier but it’s harder,” said 8-year-old Lucy Jackson.

Lucy, who lives in Plymouth, felt sad when she found out some kids faced extra stress learning online.

“They were doing one computer per family when they were handing out Chromebooks and we know several people with multiple kids who are having to get Chromebooks or may even still be waiting for them right now,” said Lucy’s mom, Katherine Jackson.

Lucy Jackson (Photo credit Katherine Jackson)

The third grader started a GoFundMe campaign – ultimately raising $8500 for the much-needed technology. School leaders honored Lucy for her outstanding achievement.

“I like doing stuff but I don’t like… being recognized. Not really!” Lucy said.

More than 160 generous donors helped Lucy reach this goal. It’s a valuable reminder of the impact we all can have, right where we live.

“I’m lucky to be her mom. She’s so smart and sweet and lovable and I feel lucky every day to be with her,” Katherine Jackson said.

Juli McDonald


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