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Coronavirus Outbreak Linked To Rockland Youth Hockey Tournament

ROCKLAND (CBS) – A coronavirus outbreak has been traced back to a youth hockey tournament in Rockland. Cases in Canton, Hanson and Marshfield have been linked to the event. Town health agents are trying to figure out how far it spread.

On October 2, the Bavis Arena in Rockland hosted a youth hockey event. Seven teams from seven towns participated. When the day was over, everyone went home. Then Covid-19 cases started popping up and contact tracing started.

“We were able to notify the Rockland community that were affected by this outbreak,” said Delshaune Flipp, Rockland’s health agent.

In Rockland, so far, five coaches and players have contracted COVID-19. In Marshfield, the Daniel Webster Elementary school discovered cases, and went to remote learning.

“The contact tracing that we have been doing, which has worked very well through the state, has tracked the cases that were identified at the Daniel Webster School back to this event,” said State Rep. Patrick Kearney of Marshfield.

Some town officials believe there was a lack of concern among coaches at the rink that day on October 2.

“Everybody needs to take responsibility and remember that there are other people that you know have compromised immune systems and I just think that everybody just needs to take their part and be responsible and wear a mask,” Flipp said.