BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton has finally spoken with his own update on his health and well-being after testing positive for COVID-19 almost two weeks ago.

Sort of.

In an Instagram post from Newton’s production company “Iconic Saga,” Newton answered in a uniquely Newton way as to his current status: “BØØGIE is as BØØGIE does.”

That was just the second post from Iconic Saga since Newton’s positive test, with the other post being a message from Cam to “WEAR YOUR MASK” and “WASH YOUR HANDS” and “most importantly, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!”

For the uninitiated, “Boogie” is part of Newton’s self-given nickname of “Ace Boogie.” And that peculiar choice of lettering is the one Newton uses for almost all of his Instagram captions. They generally require a little bit of extra effort to decipher, but in this case, “Boogie is as Boogie does” reads pretty easily.

Also, unrelated to the matter at hand … that is a lot of hashtags. Hashtag photo. Hashtag life. Hashtag mask. Hashtag masks.

Lots of hashtags.

As for the message, it would seem to indicate that Newton is living life as normal. That’s not surprising, considering multiple reports — including one from his own father — indicated that he was asymptomatic, despite the positive test.

It also lends some optimistic vibes toward the chances of Newton returning to the Patriots this week and playing on Sunday against the Broncos. We don’t yet have a firm answer on that possibility just yet, but for now, Boogie will do as Boogie does.

UPDATE: Newton was officially activated off the COVID-19 list on Wednesday afternoon, and a report indicates he’s “on track” to start on Sunday.


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