PROVIDENCE, R.I. (CBS) — Providence police on Friday destroyed 33 ATVs and dirt bikes that have been seized by the city. The demonstration was to show that authorities won’t tolerate recreational vehicles operating illegally on Providence streets.

The city council in 2017 passed an ordinance allowing police to confiscate recreational vehicles being driven illegally.

“Once these vehicles are turned over to the City, they became slated for destruction,” police said in a statement.

One by one on Friday, an excavator crushed the dirt bikes and ATVs before depositing them into a dumpster.

The city has set up a hotline for illegal recreational vehicle operation in Providence at (401) 680-8ATV (8288).


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  1. Why couldn’t they sell them out of state and get money?

  2. STATE seizure of property is fascist. where is anti fa? bunch of maggots

  3. I agree with Chris Smith . Why not sell them I am sure an appropriate charity of a police fund would benefit

  4. karl davidson says:

    States are always looking for money for programs, They could have fed someone! Stupid.

  5. Vic Geier says:

    I hope the VIN numbers were checked on these before they did this,if one of my stolen ones were being destroyed they would be getting a phone call

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