BOSTON (CBS) – The latest data on coronavirus in Massachusetts schools shows 163 people – 106 students and 57 staff – tested positive between October 1 and October 7.

The weekly report released every Thursday shows the number of positive cases for students who are in hybrid or in-person models. It does not include students in remote-only programs.

The data is only the number of positive coronavirus cases reported to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education by school districts collaboratives, and approved special education schools.

Last week, the first week of data to be announced, had 61 student cases and 35 staff cases.

For the district breakdown, visit the DESE website.

  1. Rich Russo says:

    you do understand that this headline is misleading? 163 people did not contract the virus AT school, but 163 students or staff that attend schools contracted the virus. It’s an important distinction as your headline makes it look like kids are contracting the virus while at school which is in fact not true. In my town, we have had a total of 6 COVID cases among students and teachers and in 5 of those cases, no close contacts were determined within the schools, which tells me that our administration and staff are doing their part to ensure everyone is following the safety guidelines!

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