MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – It seems New England voters made up their minds well before the news of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis.

At a Biden event in Manchester Friday, supporters said they hope the news shows how serious COVID-19 can be. “Whatever your political affiliation, I think you have to acknowledge that it’s scary for anyone to get that diagnosis,” said Kate Strayer-Benton, from Sandwich, New Hampshire.

Jill Biden spoke at an event organized by the Granite State Women for Biden, after she and her husband Joe Biden tested negative for the coronavirus. She began her speech with words of support for the Trumps. “Let me start by sending my thoughts and prayers for the health and safety of the president and the first lady,” Biden said. “This is not just a matter of politics it’s a matter of health and respect.”

Political experts say it will change the course of the president’s campaign. “At this point, it throws it into complete and utter turmoil,” said Boston University Associate Professor Thomas Whalen. “But now that advantage is taken away from him, especially as we hit right at the end when you know Trump’s appearances are more and more important to the final vote tally.”

“It does not change my mind one bit,” said a voter from Connecticut, who was not surprised by the news. “Lack of masks and lack of following the protocols that the scientists and government have been saying we should follow.”

“At this point, I think the parties are what they are. They’re pretty divided,” said Norm Coutu, from Bedford, New Hampshire. “That’s where people are aligned and that’s the way they’re going to vote.”

Christina Hager

  1. Jill Pleabo says:

    At a “Biden Event” in NH, Christina? You mean the one attended by 5 people? What about the Trump Event in Minnesota attended by 25,000 people? You couldn’t get over there and ask question? What about the recent Trump event in NH attended by 10,000 people? You took the day off because of the runs? You are a fraud, a shill for the Democrats, a partisan hack with that fake smile—-we see through this BS. Not 1 story about MI gov “orders” overruled by the MI Supreme Court, Baker is next. Keep smiling, we’re traveling to get laid finally.

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